Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I just heard that a 3 year old boy was taken from hospital illegally, with a bogus ex parte custody order, instigated by the boy's father's attorney, self-professed copyright troll John Steele, a Prenda law goon, widely known for his questionable legal tactics, including suing hundreds of thousands of "John Does" in a massive extortion scheme. This boy has been isolated from his mother since August 1.

Despite multiple stays which should have prevented the enforcement and execution of the of the illegal ex parte order, the boy's father took him anyway. The boy was in hospital due to breakthrough seizures as a direct result of the father's [documented] medical non-compliance. The boy was in hospital on a protective medical hold, and a medical directive stated that he could only be in his mother's medical care, due to the documented evidence that the father had a history of medical non-compliance.  Using this illegal ex parte order, which the mother was not allowed to see, a "private security firm" accompanied the father and removed the child from hospital, and the staff at the hospital refused to wait for law enforcement to arrive. 

The father also has a documented history of "severe psychological and emotional problems" and there is clear police documentation and several instances in the medical record of the father's medical neglect of the boy. If seizure medication is stopped abruptly, it causes threatening seizures;  blood tests clearly indicate that the boy's father had not given him his medication. As a result, the unresponsive boy was rushed to the ER.

Now he is gone with his father, who is not an American citizen, but a citizen of the Republic of Ireland.  Because the boy's birth certificate was illegally altered a few weeks ago, the family is extremely concerned for the boy's safety. 

An account for donations has been set up for a legal fund to assist in this child's return.

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